Item# TVSGermany

Come along to Germany, land of fairytale castles, soaring cathedrals, and alpine peaks.

Experience the quiet mystery of the Black Forest, then admire the art of the cuckoo clock.

Travel to the Bavarian Alps and the village of Mittenwald to watch a craftsman carve a violin out of a block of wood.

Walk in awe through Gothic cathedrals, then compare the Baroque and Rococo splendors of Wurzburg, Ettal, and Nymphenburg.

Be dazzled by the fantastical castle of Neuschwanstein, built by mad King Ludwig II.

Learn the secrets of honey-bread baking in Nurnberg and savor an a assortment of marzipan.

Visit the Rhine Frankfurt, then join in the boisterous celebration of Munich's Oktoberfest.